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Recipe of the Day
Ramen Meals
This is a recipe you can modify to your own personal taste. Simply choose the meat, seafood, or veggies of you prefer. You can cook it on a hot plate or on the stove.

  • 1 Pound of Chosen Meat
  • 30oz Pack of Ramen
  • Frozen bag of mixed veggies
  • 1 TBS Oil
  • ¼ cup stir fry sauce

Cooking Instructions:
  1. Throw away or keep seasoning packet. I don’t care. The seasoning packet can be used for other recipes. Or if you chose a particular ramen to compliment your meat, you can use it to season the meat as you sauté it. (Note: Ramen Seasonings contain a large amount of sodium, I prefer to do my own seasoning.) A little salt, pepper, and garlic make a great shaker for any meat you stir-fry.
  2. Stir-Fry or Saute the meat you choose to use.
  3. Add a tablespoon of oil, some shaker and the chopped meat. Cooking times depend on the meat. Refer to the guide.
  4. Boil some water, about 3 cups for this recipe.
  5. Add about a tablespoon of salt. (Or cup your hand pour some salt until you count to 2) Add this to the water. Wait till it boils.
  6. Add the veggies you selected from the frozen foods section. Wait two minutes.
  7. Add the ramen. Wait four more minutes.
  8. Everything should be cooked by now.
  9. Add Sauce, Toss, and Done.