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Magic Bullet Blender

This little blender is pretty handy. It fits easily in any dorm room meals cooking kit. Clean up is a breeze and if you're lucky enough to have access to a dishwasher, the containers are dishwasher safe. We've really been enjoying making smoothies in this contraption. Easily make dips like salsa or guacamole; fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies; and quickly chop fruits, nuts, or vegetables.

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Dorm Room Approved: Our Review

We like this blender a lot. We've been making a lot of smoothies lately as a healthy snack alternative. We've also used this blender to make salsa and guacamole. We even used it to make some of our ice creams and pie fillings.

One issue we run into pretty often is that it can be a pain to get things to start blending. If you try adding a little water, that'll usually give it the kick start it needs. If you want to blend frozen fruits or vegetables, you need to chop them pretty small first (we blended frozen strawberries with whipping cream to make a delicious strawberry ice cream).

We also love that you can drink right out of the containers you blend in (think smoothies or blended margaritas)!


  • Blends everything we've thrown at it
  • Clean up is really easy
  • Lots of options for blending containers and lids


  • It can be a pain to get things to start blending
  • We've had trouble getting it to crush ice very finely

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